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A Culinary Journey: Discover Our New Menu!

In the heart of our beloved Junior's Bistro, there's always a story to be told through the language of food. Today, we're thrilled to invite you on a new gastronomic adventure as we unveil our revamped menu, featuring an array of delectable salads, mouthwatering sandwiches, hearty soups, and more.

Picture this: a crisp Romaine lettuce base, generously sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and adorned with freshly baked croutons. It's our Caesar Salad, dressed to perfection with our house-made Caesar dressing. A symphony of flavors awaits, all for just $8. If you're feeling a bit more indulgent, add some tender chicken for an extra $5.

Next on our journey is the Adina Signature Burger. Sink your teeth into a masterpiece, carefully crafted with the juiciest beef and priced at $10. For a lighter option, consider our Beef Sliders (2), two adorable mini burgers that pack a flavorful punch, yours for just $9.

If you prefer a lighter, more portable delight, look no further than our Chicken or Veggie Wrap. Each bite is a medley of flavors, available for $8. Meanwhile, our Tuna Salad on Multigrain Bread offers a refreshing twist on a classic, yours for $9.

Have a craving for nostalgia? Our Foot Long Hot Dogs are a timeless favorite, priced at $5.

Soup lovers, rejoice! Our daily selection includes Beef and Bean Chili, Minestrone, and Chicken, all served piping hot for $7.

Pizza aficionados, you're in for a treat. Try our irresistible flatbread creations, including Cheese ($8), Pepperoni ($9), and Vegetarian ($9).

As our journey continues, we venture into the realm of bistro specialties. The Mongolian Beef is a tantalizing dance of flavors at $12. For a taste of the Far East, savor the Chicken Teriyaki on Stir Fried Rice for $10. And don't miss the Cuban classic, Ropa Vieja, priced at $11.

For those on the go, our Cuban Fried Pork Grab and Go is the perfect companion at $11.

Now, let's explore the bite-sized treasures on our menu. Dive into Pastelitos, available in Guava, Guava and Cheese, or Cheese, each at $4. For a quick, savory delight, the Ham and Cheese Croquettes are a steal at just $2. And who can resist our savory Empanadas, filled with Ham, Chicken, or Beef, for $4?

The classic Cuban Sandwich is a must-try at $11, while the Mini Cuban Sandwich offers a bite-sized experience at $6. Our famous Pizza Slice, available in Cheese, Pepperoni, or Vegetarian, is an affordable delight at $3.

Are you craving something hearty? Our Chicken Wings are a finger-licking experience for $12. And be sure to ask about our Daily Hot Special, a surprise to keep your taste buds guessing, for just $8.

For an authentic taste of Cuba, indulge in our Pan Con Bistec for $10 or savor the crunch of Chips for only $2.

Dessert lovers, don't fret! We have a selection of pastries and desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Warm your heart with our Homemade Soups for $7 or try the delightful Colombian cheese bread, Pan de Bono, for a mere $2.50.

At Junior's Bistro, every dish tells a story, and we can't wait for you to be a part of this culinary narrative. Join us soon, and let your taste buds embark on a journey of flavors, textures, and memories. See you at Junior's Bistro, where food is our language, and every meal is a chapter in our delicious tale!

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